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History of Our Company

A high value security system is one created with your companys evolution in mind. Glebec works closely with you to appraise protection needs, calculate risk probability and determine business growth to contribute the right solution.

Glebec is the first loss prevention company in the territory of Armenia since 2006. The company offers a full range of security systems and services. From CCTV to the most innovative EAS equipment designed to satisfy your requirements.

During these 10 years we have built a partnership with such companies as Tyco, Sensormatic, American Dynamics, Kantech etc. Glebec ensures quality in all technologies. Our EAS systems provide unique detection performance so that you and your staff don't have to worry about security and you can devote full attention to selling.

Glebec is a trustful advisor to retailers and shopping centres in Armenia. With our innovative technology you can create a better environment for both the customers and employees.